The Ins and Outs of Google Maps

The following are some resources we’ve collected about Google Maps. We help our clients regularly with improving their listings in Google Maps, helping them to rank better, etc.. but since incidences of spam and hijackings have been on the rise, and many small business owners have yet to even claim their listings, we’ve posted this info to help them get on the right track. Even if they don’t need the help of a local SEO just yet.

Claiming and Editing your Business Listing in Google Maps – a step by step guide to claiming your listing in Google Maps.

Dealing with Duplicate Listings in Google Maps – There is a right way and wrong way with trying to clean up duplicates in Google Maps. Here’s some tips.

Google Maps Optimization – Helping local business improve their ranking results in Google Maps is one of our main services. Want to rank higher in Maps? We can help.

More Google Maps Resources

Google’s own resources about Google Maps for business owners:

Understanding Google Maps & Yahoo Local Search

For up to date info on happenings in Google Maps, mostly pertaining to business listings, we recommend subscribing to Mike Blumenthal’s wonderful blog. He’s a very vocal advocate when it comes to issues of spam and hijackings and helping to push Google to make it harder for spammers to get away with what they are doing. Also some tips here and there on how to rank well in Maps. We participate regularly on his blog.

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