Keyword Research Through Online Tools

Keyword research is an impoortant step in the local SEO process. It helps identify to best keywords to target. These are some of the tools we use.

Google’s Keyword Tools

The Adwords Keyword Tool lets you enter a main keyword and it will list a number of associate keywords. It also estimates monthly search volume for those keywords which gives good clues to how many people tend to phrase things.

Google Trends shows a graph of keyword usage over the last few years. Great tool for seeing search trends – spotting rising and falling demand and seasonal trends.

Google Insights, similar to Google Trends but with a little more insight including heatmaps for geo-graphical areas (great for local) and similar keyword suggestions.

Yahoo’s Keyword Tools

Sadly, Yahoo has abolished its Overture keyword tool.

Paid Keyword Tools

There are a number of paid keyword tools available, Wordtracker is a popular one. But for local business owners that monthly fee far outweighs the value you’d get out of it. You’re busy running your day to day business, leave the advanced keyword research up to your SEO provider.

Tips From a Pro

Your own website can be a great keyword tool in its own right. Mine your webstats data to see how people are finding your website. Your web host should have some sort of stats application that shows you the keywords used when people land on your site from a search engine. Or use Google Analytics.

After months of collecting keyword data take a look at the long list of key phrases used by your visitors. The obvious keywords should show the most volume but real insight and new ideas can come from browsing through the “long tail”, those unique phrases that only get used a few times. And you’ll be amazed at how some people formulate a search.

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