Link Building

All the major search engines, particularly the ones that bring the most traffic, Google and Yahoo, use link popularity as a part of their ranking algorithm. Having other websites linking to yours is essential to achieving high rankings.

Our link building campaigns will get your site the quality links it requires to gain good placement in search results. Our focus on quality over quantity will deliver better results that will allow your higher rankings to remain more stable for a longer period of time. These high quality, targeted and relevant links will also bring more direct traffic to your site through those links. This is not always the primary objective of these links, but it is a nice side benefit.

We practice ethical Whitehat SEO practices. Search marketing has a dark side known as blackhat that is practiced by spammers. It often involves obtaining links en-mass from anywhere and everywhere possible, and often using automated methods. This practice is dangerous to any serious business that wants long term value out of their website. The search engines are continually improving their abilites to determine quality relevant search results and filter the spammers out. We don’t want our clients to suffer the wrath of a search engine penality so steer clear of such methods.

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