Local Search is Where It’s At

If you’re like most the business owners we talk to you’ve noticed that your phone book directory advertising dollars are just not going as far as they used to. You can blame that on the internet. More people turn to search engines these days before bothering to pick up a yellow colored phone book.

But here you are on this website seeking local SEO services, so you already know that. And we are here to help. And boy, oh boy, can we help. You’ve probably never seen the kinds of returns that our targeted local internet marketing expertise can afford your business.

Our services are designed to be extremely flexible to the specific needs of a particular client. Various websites target different markets in different locations; therefore, the SEO needs of each website is different. We custom tailor our local seo packages for every project we undertake. The following is a brief description of our services with links to more detail.

Our Local Search Marketing Services

Organic Search Optimization – this is what gets your site to the top of the search results. It will get you the bulk of your local web traffic and it’s where we excell.

Map Search Optimization – Google Maps is become an important traffic source for local business and ranking well there takes a different set of techniques. We are great at that too.

Geo-Targeted PPC – pay-per-click advertising has amazing performance tracking capablities as well as geo-targeting abilities and can be a great tool for localy based business.Not all our clients need this, but for those that do we’ve produced some great returns.

More of Our Services

Web Design – if you need a new website for your local business you should talk to us. Of course our sites are built to be very search friendly, but we also focus on design and layout, ease of use, and presenting the right image for your business. Take a look at our portfolio over on our other website.

Blog Consulting – for some of our clients publishing a blog on their website is an excellent strategy to attracting and growing traffic and building a professional image as experts in their fields. But being new to the whole blogging thing they need a fair bit of guidance on what to write about, how to write it, and how not to write it, as well as other in’s and out’s about blogging.

Online Video Marketing – using simple online videos can be a great means of widening your local exposure online. We dont advertise this as one of our main services, but we’ve been adding it to our arsenal lately and getting great results.

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