Exclusive Services for Our SEO Clients

The service we provide is extremely valuable to our clients and their business. It also provides us with a lot of “inside information” about the business, its market, and, in particular, keyword usage and internet traffic trends. For this reason we feel it is a conflict of interest to offer our serives to a directly competing business operating in the same geo-graphical area. So, by default, we offer exclusive service for our clients.

We do not charge a seperate exclusivity fee. It’s part and parcel of what we do.

This policy is not exactly set in stone as we have had cases where local competitors are acting cooperatively to help expand the overall market for their products or services. We leave this at the clients discression. In fact, where appropriate, we encourage it.

Timeframes for exclusivity are dependent upon the nature of the services provided, relationships established, and, of course, timely payment of fees for our services.

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