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Your web pages need to be accessible by search engine robots that crawl the web, hopping from link to link, so that they may properly assess your content and place it in their index. If a search engine robot cannot decipher your site, web users cannot find you. Unfortunately, this is often the case for many small local businesses who are attempting to operate on the web. Read our article on Why You Need Local SEO to find out more.

On-site optimization will open all the proper channels to allow your site to be fully crawled and indexed by search engines. Once accessible, content optimization will allow the search engines to better understand the topics of your pages and associate them with the search terms local web surfers will be using to find you.

Content optimization must also allow visitors, that is human beings, to understand what you are offering. Copywriting that sells your message is needed to convert them into paying customers. A well optimized site will present content that will rank well in search results and deliver a message that converts the increased visitors into more customers.

On-Site Optimization Applied to Every Page

HTML and CSS validation

Your website source code is checked for errors and inappropriate design elements that may be prohibiting search robots from reading the code. Redundant code is removed, inefficient and excessive code is reduced.

Site Navigation & URL Optimization

Interlinking of your pages is optimized to allow all pages of your site to be accessible to search spiders, and applied in a logical manner to allow visitors to find the information they are looking for. Specific link URLs are optimized to describe your pages and allow for proper keyword placement.

Meta Tag Optimization

Accurate page titles, descriptions and keyword tags are crafted individually for each page of your site.


Our copywriters will create text content that is both keyword rich and delivers your message in a way that sells. Keyword placement is applied in such a way as to not “overdo it” in order to keep it readable and not be flagged as “keyword spam” by search engines. Sales copy will describe your services, highlight its benefits and encourage a “call to action” that will spur your visitors to become paying customers.

Content Optimization

Content optimization is applied to all aspects of your page content – from text content, as mentioned above in copywriting, to text links, and non-text elements such as images. Effective use of keyword placement, headings, markup and tagging will give your pages an added boost in search results.

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