Internet Marketing

Positive Return on Investment

Your marketing expenses must produce a profit. Period.

We aim to generate targeted traffic to your website that will convert into more customers.

We custom tailor every project we undertake and strive to produce long term positive and profitable results for our clients.

Local Internet Marketing is Our Specialty

The internet has evolved and users are more experienced with surfing and searching online. Because of this the internet is turning “local”.

We specialize in internet marketing with a local twist.

If your business targets a local area then our local internet marketing services will help attract more local visitors to your website.Inquire About Our Internet Marketing Services

Internet Marketing for Small Biz

Your website is an essential tool in your larger business marketing activities. But just having a website is not enough. You must employ some internet marketing in order to attract qualified visitors, potential customers, to your site.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engines are the primary method of finding stuff online for most web users. Search traffic is highly qualified traffic. These people are in the process of actively searching for a website that satisfies their needs. Most of them want to buy a product or a service to fulfill that need.

Your website needs exposure in search engines to attract this high quality traffic.

We are experts in search engine optimization, keyword analysis, traffic analysis and internet user behavior. Let us apply these skills for your small business and your internet marketing activities.

Search Engine Optimization

Does your website appear on the first page of search results for the right keywords? Do you know what keywords people are using to find your products or services? If not, you need our help.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of targeting and optimizing a website for its most important keywords.

We have the skills to improve the search engine rankings for your website.

Pay Per Click Advertising

For those that don’t know, the main results you see in a search engine are obtained freely. These are known as the ‘organic’ search results. Ranking well for your keywords in organic results is the realm of SEO. It can take a considerable amount of time and effort to achieve. But there is a short cut.

Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC) can put you on page one right away, for any keyword you choose. The catch is in the name of this service, pay per click. Search engines offer sponsored space on their pages, sometimes a few at the top and often those on the right hand side are sponsored search results.

You create a small add, choose your keywords where you want the ad to appear, and bid on how much you want to pay for every click on your ad. PPC advertising can produce immediate results and it can be used as a tool to test keywords. But it can be tricky and the learning curve can get expensive.

We can help develop and manage your PPC campaign. Our Keyword research tools can help find the best performing keywords and phrases. Our copywriters can create compelling ads that attract clicks, and they can create a great landing page for those ads that help to increase conversion rates.

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