Maps & Places Optimization

Map search, or local search, is a growing trend online and the major search engines do a good job of displaying local businesses inside their Map products. Google is the leader in this space and by including Places results within the regular search results, for local search queries, exposure in Google Places is more important than ever.

Improving Rankings in Google Places

Maps optimization has become an important part of our local SEO services and where possible we aim to achieve high rankings in both Maps and organic results on the same search page. This boosts the brand power and credibility of our clients in their local areas, not to mention more traffic and sales.

Google uses a different process for choosing who gets listed here and how local businesses are ranked in maps listings. Different from how sites are ranked in organic search results that is. We know what to takes to get noticed in Google Maps with Google Places Listings and can help your business get more traffic from these local search engines.

Maps Now Appearing for Broad Search Terms!

Google recently made a change to their search results for lots of broad level search terms. If the search might have a local intent they now show a Map at mid page. By broad terms we mean things like Dentist, Pizza, Landscaper, Lawyer, etc… Those broad terms now display a map and use IP targeting, to determine the searchers location, to serve up local results. This is making Google Maps optimization even more important than ever before.

Let Us Help Your Business Rank Higher in Google Places

We have a deep understanding of how the Maps algorithm works and the factors used to determine rankings of local business listings. As well we have a few tricks up our sleeves that can help give your a competitive advantage. We can help give your business a boost in the Maps rankings and guide you on how best to solidify your rankings over time.

Ask us about improving the exposure of your business to your local customers online.

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