Profitable Local PPC Advertising

Have you tried your own PPC advertising for your local business? Like most business owners who have you likely failed to turn much of a profit, if any. We know all the mistakes you probably made. Over bidding to claim top spot, targeting the wrong keywords nad not using negative keywords, using your home page as your landing page (that’s so bad), not employing multi-variate or even split testing and not making good use of various geo-targeting options.

It can be done. Done quite profitably even, and we know how. Let us develop your PPC campaign for your local business. You’ll be supprised at what we can do.

Landing Page Optimization

When buying traffic through PPC the page you direct those clicks to is critical to makeing the sale. We develop highly targeted and optimized landing pages for your PPC ads. For each ad that targets a specific product, service, or even a particular set of keywords, the landing page must speakdirectly to the visitors.

Landing pages must also be optimized for Google’s “Quality Score” system as well. This helps to keep click prices down.

Focus on Performance

Pay per click systems provide increadible ways to track performance of keywords, ads, landing pages, and entire campaings. We work closely with this data while doing split testing and multi-variate testing to push towards higher performing ads and landing pages. Optimizing profitabllity of your PPC ads is our long term goal.

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